Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Helping Japan

Dear Reader,

As most of you know, I lived in Japan when I was young and since then I have felt a strong connection to the country. Since the recent tragedy there I have been wanting to find a way that I could help them. Luckily my friend dropped an opportunity right in my lap.

She was putting together a fundraiser to raise money to donate to the LDS church's humanitarian fund. Basically it works like this: You go around door-to-door with a plate of cookies and a jar for money. You ask for a donation from whomever answers the door (and roommates), generally just loose change or whatever they have lying around. Nothing big. And then you give them a cookie (whether or not they give you a donation).

Such a good idea, right? I mean, if you were selling cookies to raise money people would be all, "Oh, that's okay, I don't really need a cookie. . . ." but if you just ask for money and have cookies as a bonus people are all, "Oh, yeah, sure! Let me see what I can find!"

Interestingly enough, we had many people turn down cookies, they just wanted to donate to the cause. It was really cool to see how many people were willing to give to help the people of Japan.

Natalie and I hit up my ward, part of her ward, and a small portion of my sister's ward. About 3 hours later we had raised over 160 dollars in people's spare change (and some very generous donations of 5 and 10 dollar bills). Crazy! And it was so easy and so much fun!

Last week my friend said they raised 400 dollars and they're going to be continuing this fundraiser through the end of the semester. Hopefully with our powers combined, along with the kind students of BYU, we'll be able to do some good for the people of Japan, or whoever else the Church decides to help with our donation.

If you are able, please donate whatever you can to help Japan and others affected by disasters throughout the world. Never underestimate the power of a penny. They add up surprisingly fast. Every little bit really does count!

Also I went to Best Buy today with Natalie so she could buy Tangled. And I may or may not have walked out owning these two movies. I am so weak.

P.S. Natalie took the pictures of the money. Give credit where credit is due.


  1. You know those stories on the news about how a normal every-day person made a big difference? This is you and your friends. Such a neat idea! It is amazing how quickly loose change can add up. Love the movies, too. :)

  2. Some knit designers that I follow put together a pattern for a knitted log cabin blanket, and are selling them for $5 each, and are donating all the proceeds to help in Japan. In a few weeks, they have raised nearly $5000. Isn't it amazing? $5 here, $5 there, it really does add up.

  3. Love it! :)
    Hey--you need to call me. It's about your life. Ok?
    Love ya!