Monday, July 23, 2012

Batman Love.

Dear Reader:

This is how I show my love for Batman:
1. The folder in my bag right now has Batman and Robin on the cover.

2. When I was petsitting my friend's unnamed fish for a summer, I named the black one Bruce Wayne and the red one Dick Grayson. But only during the day--at night they were Batman and Robin.

3. I went and saw the most recent Batman movie last Friday, even after hearing about the awful massacre in Colorado.

4. In the debate between Superman and Batman, the answer will always be Batman.

5. And I'm posting this video again (if this doesn't make you love Batman, then I don't know what will):

So while I'm sitting stuck in an airport for hours waiting to go to Provo, I think I'll just dream about Batman and his awesome bat-plane. (I bet he doesn't get delayed because of the weather.)