Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Stay young. Go dancing."

Dear Reader,

This weekend Death Cab for Cutie was playing down in Philadelphia. Woo! I love me a good concert.

Please, enjoy this song by Death Cab as you read this post:

Lehi and I headed down to Philly Friday afternoon.

We hit up the Love sculpture (which I've already seen other versions of in England and at BYU, but it's the city of brotherly love, so why not see it again? There's no such thing as too much love.).

And of course we got a Philly cheesesteak. Go big or go home, right?

After the concert--which was pure magic, in case you were wondering (And not just because of Death Cab, but also cause the opening band was Frightened Rabbit, from Scotland. Enough said.)--Lehi and I went down to DC to visit Natalie!

And to go to the temple. It had been a little while. Isn't the DC temple so beautiful? I love it.

After the temple we hit up the Natural History museum and the American History museum. Of course, seeing C-3PO was pretty much a highlight of my day.

But this was probably THE highlight. Picture this: Natalie in a space suit and me in a one-size-fits-all nightgown of the first lady dresses, walking down the mall. I mean, tell me that's not one of the greatest images of your life. Wouldn't it make you love DC that much more if you saw two people doing that?

Well, I would love it.

It was an awesome weekend of escapism, but I'm pretty sure we were all thoroughly wasted by the end of it. I may or may not have passed out for several hours after church today.

Worth it!