Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Attempting adventure.

Dear Reader,

Because there was no school yesterday Natalie and I wanted an adventure. It was, after all, our last vacation whilst in college.

But then we remembered we live in Provo.

And it's winter.

And nothing was going on because it was President's Day.

So we asked ourselves: What does one do in Provo? Eat and go to the dollar theatre.

Next question: Are there dollar theatres and restaurants elsewhere in Utah?

Answer: Sandy.

So we went to Sandy. And we took our Provo experience with us.

We ate at Five Guys (which they have in Provo, but I had never been to before) and it was good. Like way good. And even if I didn't believe that the food was good myself, I had dozens of signs and newspaper clippings all over the wall to convince me it was true.

We saw The Tourist at the dollar theatre. It was funny (and not playing at the Provo dollar theatre, so that totally justifies a 45 minute trip to Sandy, right?...). I recommend it if you're looking to suspend reality for a few hours. Or if you just want to look at beautiful scenes of Venice, Paris, and London. And wish that you were there.

A highlight of the night was that Natalie and I stopped by Petsmart on the off-chance that there just might be dogs there that we could see. As luck would have it there were several dogs with owners and a little girl even let us pet her puppy (which came bounding towards us, by the way. It clearly loved us. Or it wanted our leftover french fries. Whichever.).

Oh, and if you're wondering what it feels like to have a puppy running towards you, this will give you an idea:

I believe "pure joy" are the words you're looking for.

If you couldn't tell, I want a dog reals bad. (If you want more evidence, go here to Natalie's blog. She expounds on the topic further.)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I hope you're hungry . . .

Dear Reader,

Last night Natalie and I decided to get all gourmet (read: dinner that doesn't come from the freezer or a can)--mainly because she and I were both super craving lasagna and I was jonesing to try and make focaccia. (It was OK . . . but I'll probably use a different recipe next time.)

Also, three cheers for no school tomorrow! Thank you presidents for being born.

P.S. Pictures were taken by Natalie and her amazing camera.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb...

Dear Reader,

It's true. And today was one of those days.

Don't believe me? Just ask my hero: Batman.