Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Who says toys are just for kids?

Dear Reader,

So I've heard of comic conventions, book conventions, and boring businessy conventions, but I'd never, until a few weeks ago, heard of a TOY convention. So imagine my excitement when I was asked last Friday to go with the Highlights team to the Toy Fair in New York City the following Monday (two days ago).

"Whaaaat????? Heck yes I want to go!!"

I believe that's more or less a direct quote when my supervisor asked me if I wanted to come. And I may have also jumped up in the air I was so excited.

Now I ask you to try to imagine how magical this Toy Fair was. Imagine floors and floors, rows and rows, booth after booth of toys, board games, puzzles, and action figures. Stuffed animals, balloons, science experiments, books, candy, and dolls. Names like Mattel, Lego, Playmobile, TY, Gund, and Melissa and Doug. Retro toys, classic toys, contemporary toys, classy toys, and modern toys. Swarms of people flocking from booth to booth to admire and analyze each company's selections. Sellers trying to catch the attention of buyers. Exhibitors explaining what makes their toys so amazing. And me, the intern, trying to see it all.

Pure. Magic.

I also fulfilled a lifelong dream of meeting Clifford the Big Red Dog (Well, I just said hi to him. He waved back. Dogs can't talk.) and the Care Bears (They just look so huggable don't they?).

Also, shortly after this picture was taken, the Power Rangers walked by. So...yeah, it was pretty awesome. Good to know the Toy Fair was being kept safe from evil space aliens.

It was impossible to see everything at the convention, but I had to satisfy myself with the fact that I at least got to go and get a taste of what it would be like to work with toys all the time. Aka...pretty cool.

I'm going to go ahead and mark that day as one of my top ten best days working for Highlights. Win!