Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Birthday: Part 24

Dear Reader,

That's right. I'm now "old." (Well, according to my Young Women.) 24. Oy vay.

To ring in the new year, Mom and Caitlin came to visit and we went to NYC! We went on a tour at 30 Rock, which pretty much was a dream come true. I got to see the SNL set, soooo...yup. Pretty cool.

We had dinner at Ruby Foo's, saw "Anything Goes" on Broadway, and had the following dessert from Junior's:


The next day was all shopping on 5th Avenue (you know, classy places like Tiffany's, Saks . . . and the American Girl store.),

then a tour through Central Park and a visit to the Met.

On our way out of town, we passed through Times Square on our way to eat dinner at Junior's and to pick up my birthday cake!

Yup, here it is. It was amazing.

Maybe some of the best cake I've ever eaten. Of course, I am only 24. I may come across one that is better in the upcoming years. But I'm not hopeful. It's a shame to have peaked so early in life--but it was worth every bite.