Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mom Moment

Dear Reader,

So today is Mother's Day.

I basically spent a good chunk of yesterday buying all the presents my mom was getting today from all my family members, driving my brother to and from a church activity, grocery shopping for today's dinner and the cake I made, baking the cake (and partially burning it....), wrapping the presents I spent the day buying (which distracted me and is the reason the cake got burned--but don't worry it actually still tasted good), and then waking up early today to help make breakfast for my mom, go to church and come home quickly to make dinner for my mom, then decorate the cake (it was elaborate), and then having to clean up from all the dishes of each meal.

(The cake.)

After all the festivities, I was talking with my parents and I was saying how I had done all that work and had been basically running around all of yesterday and today and I was exhausted and my siblings didn't really seem to fully appreciate all the work I had done.

And then, I had an epiphany: All of the things I did over the past two days is what my mom does everyday and she rarely gets thanked for it.

Zing! Yup, karma gets me again.

So, thank you, Mom, for everything you do. Especially the little things that I don't remember to thank you for. You are wonderful.


  1. And the cake WAS terrific!! ;-)

  2. Annie! That is the most incredible cake! You're amazing :)