Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Decking the halls . . . with way too much sugar.

Dear Reader,

Ho hum. The internship is over. And what was my greatest accomplishment there?

Keeping this plant alive.

But since Saturday I've been home. Yay!

And what have we done pretty much since Saturday? Christmas preparations, naturally.

Monday we spent all day baking Christmas treats.

I started with the caramels . . .

. . . and ended with everything else.

I was covered in chocolate by the end.

After baking (and inevitably eating what I was baking) I ate a Clementine. That cancels out whatever unhealthy things I've eaten throughout the day, right?


  1. Jim would be proud of you. He's a big fan of Clementines. And your picture of toffees is lovely. And it was lovely to be with you today!!!

  2. The clementine, or any other healthy food, always cancels all sweets eaten before it out. But in this case you really didn't need to worry about it, because I am a firm believer that during the holiday season the unhealthiness of all sweets consumed is immediateltly canceled out by Christmas magic.

  3. I was going to say that keeping that plant alive was a fantastic accomplishment. Until Chad said it was dead. Bah humbug, Chad.

  4. We're glad you came home, and not just for the caramels (though they are a wonderful added bonus!) :-)

  5. I said the toffees looked lovely, but of course my addled brain meant to say caramels. And now I can also add that they are delicious (and addictive - Jim's lucky there are some left for him!)