Tuesday, August 3, 2010

When the Parents Come to Town

Dear Reader,

This last week my parents and little brother and sister came into town for a visit. Mary's birthday was on Sunday (the 25th), so Wednesday (when they got in town) we went over to David and Cassie's for cake. (And so my parents could see Naomi. Let's be honest, we all know that's the real reason they wanted to go over.) The cake was a cat, per Mary's request. I forgot candles.

Of course.

But at least it tasted good.

And here's Naomi! She's so cute! She was also super mellow that night. She basically let anyone hold her, and she slept the whole time. This worked out really well for me because I finally got to hold her without her bursting into tears. I have bad luck, I guess.

If I didn't know any better I'd say the parents are wanting some grandkids. . . .

(This is the proof she let me hold her.)

And now we segue to my cousin Cami's wedding. She got married on Saturday (July 31) in the Salt Lake Temple. The fun part was, like 86 other couples were also getting married that day.

It was like herding cattle.

But the busy-ness aside, it was a really beautiful wedding, and really well done. She had her temple ceremony (most of the following pictures are from the wait outside) and then pictures very briefly (mainly because we were running late and only had the JSMB reserved for 2 hours), followed by a luncheon in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. She seemed pretty happy, so I'm guessing it was a success with her. Which, honestly, is all that matters.

My little cousin Cate. Yes, she is that cute. (And yes, in the background is Mary. That's what she was doing like all weekend.)

I love love love the converse!

My cousin Savannah's baby, Lily. We like to abuse children while they're young and can't fight back. It's easier that way.

My cousin Sabina (Lily's aunt) and Mary.

Brother and sister (X and Cate). Love it.

The happy bride!

Okay, I kid you not, this piece of chocolate mousse cheesecake may have been the best thing I have ever eaten. And I'm not really crazy about mousse or cheesecake.

Was a Christmas miracle? I would say so.

The centerpiece.

Savannah, Lily, and me. Clearly the child was annoyed she had to be in ANOTHER picture. I don't blame her. Sorry for adding to your pain, Lily. . . .

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  1. I think you should have clarified which was Naomi in the first picture with me; it might not be clear otherwise...