Friday, July 23, 2010

The World's Largest Water Balloon Fight

1100 hours:
I leave home thinking today will be like any other day. I pick up my sister, and we head for what we thought would be a normal BYU activity. If only we knew how our lives were about to change.

1130 hours:
We sign up for what can only be described as the most epic water balloon battle this world has ever seen. We choose our colored shirts--realizing afterwards that the colors we have chosen decides our teams: they have pitted us against each other--sister against sister, friend against friend.

1131 hours:
The wait begins.

1136 hours:
I find members of my team and we separate, preparing for battle.

1137 hours:
Cosmo bumps into my friend on the way to the water station. Clearly he has forgotten he has no mouth hole. Water falls everywhere.

1200 hours:
We are given our weapons and commanded to form ranks. Stray balloons find their way across enemy lines. The fight is about to begin.

1215 hours:
I am hit. Hit again. All I see are balloons, flying through the air like happy grenades.

1218 hours:
There is a cry next to me. A boy has lost his glasses.

1218 hours and 30 seconds:
It's ok. They're not broken.

1223 hours:
The ammunition appears to be running out. My casualties are limited to water in my eye contact, smeared make up, and a very wet shirt. Overall, I am lucky to have suffered so little.

1225 hours:
The battle has finished. We have officially completed the world's largest water balloon fight ever.

See footage of the fight here:

We broke the world record by 25 participants and 1021 water balloons. And we all got free t-shirts.

You know how we do.


  1. Hilarious! Your account was way better than Fox 13's...


  2. Haha- I think you might have been right next to some of my friends... one of them got his glasses knocked off his face during the water balloon fight.