Monday, June 13, 2011

Mormons in the Media

But guess what? It's good news!

Newsweek did an article on Mormonism this last week. It was surprisingly accurate. Probably because I know for a fact that they have a BYU grad working on their staff (friend of Natalie's).

Check out the article here: Mormons Rock. (Yes, that's actually what they called the article. And yes, that statement is 100% true.)

I had seen the cover of this particular issue when I was in New York City yesterday (I promise to recount that adventure soon. As I write this I am eating candy that I bought at Dylan's Candy Shop. It's so good, but I'm pretty sure I'm making myself sick.) but it was of the Book of Mormon musical and I was all, "Meh, not worth buying to read about, although I am intrigued."

Then after work today, one of my coworkers (who is Jewish) asked me if I had read it. She said it was so informative and she was surprised at some of the things she had learned (surprised in a good way). It seemed she had a lot more respect for Mormonism--and a lot more understanding for what the religion is about.

So I came home and read the article and I am pleased with what I found. Thank you, Newsweek, for giving Mormons the credit they deserve. And for, among other things, clearing up the fact that we no longer practice polygamy.

I mean, seriously people. 1890. We haven't practiced polygamy since 1890. (How many times, exactly, do people need to hear that before they will stop asking me how many wives my dad has?)

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  1. But seriously, how many wives does your dad really have?