Friday, June 29, 2012

A dinosaur story.

Dear Reader,

Well, today was a sad day. It was friend and coworker (but mostly friend) Lisa's last day at Highlights. We will miss her! 

It's kind of a thing to take pictures with Giggy. We encourage our tour groups to do it and we encourage ourselves to do it. But Lisa had been here an ENTIRE year without getting her picture taken with her head inside the giganotasaurus's mouth. 

And that just wasn't going to work.

So here it is: Our photoshoot with Giggy! (And thank you to Linda who stayed after work to take all the pictures!)

Oh, and then we decided to let Spot join in the fun. 

We took him on a walk and--

Oh no! A dinosaur!!!

Luckily Lisa is really good at bringing people together. 

The end! 

Oh, and an added bonus: Bailey in bowtie! What a dapper gentleman. 


  1. Why didn't we take pictures of Giggy? Poor planning on Mom's and my part. I'm loving Bailey's bowtie, by the way.

  2. I want a bowtie like Bailey's.... :-)

  3. ha ha! Glad to have been able to chronicle your adventures in the Land of Giggy. And just look at that dino smile! He's never felt such love.

    Now that handsome Bailey, he has! xo
    (Is it just me, or does he look a little like Red Riding Hood in that pic?)