Thursday, April 5, 2012

London Fever

Dear Reader,

Friend Lisa is going to London tomorrow. This has caused me to come down with a severe case of:

London Fever.

It's pretty serious. It's all I can think about. And there's only one cure: Get back to London NOW.

Maybe I can sneak into her luggage? That works like 98% of the time.

Until then, you can experience a little bit of what it's like to be in my head.

This is the song that has been playing in my head ALL DAY:

And these are the images that have been playing a constant slideshow through my head ALL DAY:

Oh, I'll get back there. Just you wait.


  1. When we go back to London - whenever THAT happens - you can come with us. We love London!

    Jim has two questions - he wonders if that cup of tea is decorative or the real deal... and, are you a fan of Aston Villa? (of the London teams, Jim prefers Arsenal...)

    Great photos!

  2. I accept! :)

    And to answer your questions, yes the cup of tea is the real deal (if you mean is it in the Kensington Palace Orangery) and no it is not (if you mean is it anything but herbal infusion). And, not necessarily a fan of Aston Villa (as in I don't follow them), but some friends and I went to see a match of theirs while visiting Birmingham one weekend, so we have a special fondness for them.

  3. Now *I* want to go back to London, too! Oh, wait, every day I want to go to London. What is it with us?

    How can I be sure that's a British squirrel??

  4. It's not us - it's London. *Everyone* should want to go to London.

    (But they should stay home, so we don't have to fight the crowds...)

  5. I want to go back so much... and to actually stay for a significant length of time. When you go back you should definitely let me hide in your suitcase. Like you said, that works, like, 98% of the time, right?

  6. Runner-up cure for London is a London reunion. I'll be in Boston this coming week and I may be moving back East in the near future. If so, we'll have to figure out a way to see each other!

  7. Whaaaat?? WOO!! Best news EVER!

    I was scrolling through and I saw some good pictures and then I saw the squirrel and I burst out laughing!! I really needed that. Thank you Annie Beer.

    Ps. I love how I was either with you when those pictures were taken or in almost all of them. Memories!! I miss us!

  9. Um...Annie, now you make ME want to go back to London, too! Except I've never been once. Don't be all greedy and keep London to yourself: TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!
    p.s. Love the squirrel. This--plus the Orangery tea party and the green misty vistas--is why I love you. :)