Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Dear Reader,

So cell phones are awesome. When they work.

Then there are all those other times when they break. Or your SIM card dies and you have to get it replaced but there's no way to save all the phone numbers you had so you have to contact people individually and ask them for their number so you don't lose contact with them completely.

So anyway. That happened yesterday.

Yesterday and today I've been going through lists of my friends and letting them know that I don't have their number anymore. But see, this way I get to choose who I put in my phone. Thus cleansing myself of all those people in the past that I either never talk to anymore, don't want to talk to anymore, or don't remember who they are anymore. It's awesome!

And it's inspired me to do a little cleansing in other areas of my life. A good cleanse is healthy every once in a while. Just get rid of all that old garbage. Who needs it?!

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