Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snow Day

Dear Reader,

So this was my day:

While the cats slept (the extra cat on the right is here because I'm petsitting her. She and Bailey are like BFFs now), outside it was doing this:

I mean SERIOUSLY?? It's not even Halloween yet!!! The snow has been coming ALL DAY. Yeah, it's pretty. But I'm pretty sure that's because I haven't gone outside all day. Instead I...

baked sugar cookies for a ward Halloween party that was cancelled because of the aforementioned blizzard. So now I've got a bunch of sugar cookies in my freezer. And someone is going to benefit from this. Could it be people at work? Or the ward if the party is ever rescheduled? Only time will tell.

I also cooked some pumpkin seeds

and did laundry! The reason this is exciting is because....I now have a washing machine!!! I could clean my clothes without even leaving the house! Thanks to my bishop for hooking me up with the machine--and then hooking the machine up for me. :) 

After awhile the kittens decided to move from the kitchen to my bed. They pretty much just slept all day. Typical.


  1. I think you lead a magical life.

  2. If you need help with those cookies, let me know...

    Love the snow picture! Part of me wishes for just such a storm here; but the mature adult part of me acknowledges that it is Way.Too.Early. for snow!

  3. That looks soo cold! You should probably come and visit me in sunny, warm 75 degree California.. just sayin ;)

    ps. You could totally bring those cookies. they're SO GOOD.

  4. ps, as a cat, I do believe that I would fit in quite nicely into your abode.....

    .... quite nicely indeed... ;)