Saturday, October 30, 2010

Concert Palooza

Dear Reader,

Apparently, fall is the time for concerts. I've been to three in the past month and a half, and two have been free!


The first was on top of a parking garage. Random fact: the dude who was playing was in cousin Ashley's ward a few years ago. Small world? Yes. His name is Benton Paul. And Nik Day opened for him.

The next concert was in American Fork at an all day music festival called "Fork Fest." Natalie and I showed up for the very end of it, just in time for the Fictionists and Joshua James. The festival was for local artists. It was a pretty cool gig. It was outdoor in a stadium-type situation.

Oh yeah. And it was right next to the Mount Timpanogas temple. Gotta love Utah.

The next concert adventure was by far my favorite. Ashley and I went together.

We started our evening at a French patisserie/restaurant in Salt Lake. It was AWESOME!!

Oh yum. Delicious pastries.

I didn't take a picture of the food before we ate it. But it was SO good! Gourmet style grilled cheese and french onion soup. I highly recommend it.

These were the pastries we got. Mmmm. The white one was mine. I got one in Chartes when my study abroad group went to France. Sampson and I shared it. I may or may not have broken like three plastic forks trying to eat it.

But don't worry. I didn't break this fork!

Okay, so the next phase of our adventure. We went to the Ingrid Michaelson concert. She is pretty much my favorite of all time. We both love her so much that we stood in the hail, rain, and freezing wind with no coat or umbrella while we waited for the doors to open (an hour after they were supposed to). It was so cold I couldn't even hold the camera steady while I took the above picture.

Inside! So excited for the concert to start!

The opening act was Googenheim Grotto. They're from Ireland and very funny. And good. I recommend looking them up.

And here is Ingrid herself!!! Seriously, she is so talented. And hilarious. Again, if you haven't heard of her, look her up also. I saw her last year when she came through Salt Lake. She was so good both times.

When we got out of the concert it was snowing. SNOWING. What the what, Utah???!!!

And then we didn't get home until midnight. But I love love love Ingrid! She is so much fun.

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  1. I love reading your blog. :) And looking at your pictures of food. :)

    And I like the one song I've heard by Ingrid Michaelson. Perhaps I should listen to some more!